Investment Philosophy

Seizing opportunities in the low carbon transition

Demand for a sustainable future will drive returns from green investments

CGF recognises that innovation is required across all sectors to achieve net zero carbon emissions. We will invest in those companies with innovative solutions that serve a clean growth remit.

We identify, evaluate and invest in the most promising and ambitious companies and provide them with commercialisation expertise and market access to enable rapid growth and scale-up.

We welcome and encourage co-investment from fund managers and corporates. CGF looks to take a leading role in catalysing the equity market in clean growth investments.

Accelerating portfolio companies to scale

Partnerships with clean growth investment advisors strengthen the portfolio

CGF is differentiated by actively providing portfolio companies with hands on business support, drawing upon the services of Carbon Limiting Technologies (CLT), one of the UK’s longest-established clean tech consultancy firms.

CGF Background
A commercially driven fund founded as a partnership that combines public and private investment

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CGF Founders
Two cornerstone investors and established relationships with investment advisors

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