MOF Technologies

Head Office Belfast

COO Dr Conor Hamill

CTO Dr Jose Casaban

CGF Board Rep Stephen Price

MOF Technologies is helping to decarbonise heavy industries through its next generation carbon capture system, Nuada. With over a decade of knowledge in designing, scaling, & applying metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), it has combined the unique properties of MOFs with mature vacuum swing technology to slash the energy penalty associated with CO2 capture by up to 80%.

News stories

MOF Technologies chosen as part of Net Zero 3.0

MOF Technologies is excited to announce that we have been selected to join Tech Nations Net Zero 3.0 programme. The Net Zero programme supports early-stage

Clean Growth Fund & Barclays invest £4.4m in MOF Technologies

With heavy industries like the cement industry accounting for over 30% of global carbon emissions, we are delighted to announce that Clean Growth Fund together