Above partners with Bullitt Group to bring mobile thermal imaging to its all-in-one solar inspection solution

Above’s bespoke EyeSite app combined with the Cat® S62 Pro thermal imaging camera helps solar companies improve efficiency and safety when conducting plant inspections.

Above today announced that it has partnered with Bullitt Group, the global licensee for Cat® phones, to bring a next-generation solar inspection solution to the industry. Above’s smart-mobile application EyeSite is already widely used to streamline solar plant activities. It excels when used on the Cat S62 Pro mobile device, an award-winning rugged smartphone designed for any work environment.

This partnership brings together the use of mobile tools, mobile thermal imaging, and digital twins on one device to unlock solar plant productivity. The EyeSite application provides a full suite of tools, including inspection management, task lists, serial number scanning and actionable reports. Equipping engineers on the ground with the EyeSite app on a connected thermal mobile device means streamlined thermographic and visual inspections, accurate location, and quick format reporting. It allows customers to increase their efficiency on site, reduce the safety risks and ensure that no information gets lost.

Above’s CEO Will Hitchcock on the partnership: “The reality today is that most site visits require operatives to use a combination of tools and technologies to capture data and observations.  Then spend even more time post-visit compiling these notes, photos and other data into a finished report or deliverable.  Now operatives can use one device and one application to capture what they need, there and then.”

The Cat S62 Pro is the most advanced thermal Imaging smartphone available, powered by the highest resolution FLIR Lepton® sensor. Its feature-rich toolset enables

Above to bring unrivalled thermal imaging functionality to their EyeSite mobile app. Technicians will be able to perform faster and safer contractual inspections of major equipment such as HV switchgear and DC combiner boxes than ever before.

Tim Shepherd, Senior Director of Applications at Bullitt Group commented: “Bullitt has pioneered mobile thermal imaging since 2016 and we are really excited to be supporting Above with a relevant and compelling use case. By using the Cat phones SDK to integrate the thermal capabilities of the Cat S62 Pro into their app, Above has created the ability for ground engineers to inspect and assess solar installations with just a handheld device. The fact that it is also a connected device means a new, real-time, cost-efficient tool for the industry.”

The EyeSite mobile app has driven significant gains for solar companies around the world and going forward the Cat S62 Pro device will only drive more value for customers. Above monitors more than 3,000 solar plants worldwide with its solutions providing expert digital solutions designed to improve quality and reduce risk at every stage of the solar plant lifecycle.

About Cat devices and accessories:

The Cat® brand stands for trustworthiness, durability, reliability and quality. The Cat DNA is found in every Cat mobile phone, offered by its global mobile licensee Bullitt Group, whose exceptional manufacturing experience is harnessed to create a global-category-leading mobile range in a highly competitive and poorly differentiated market.

To find out more about Cat phones, visit www.catphones.com.

About Bullitt Group

Bullitt Group are the pioneers of rugged mobile with over a decade of ‘tough tech’ experience. Since its formation in 2009, Bullitt has consistently led the market with its innovation and won international awards for its tough mobile products. Bullitt designs, manufactures and distributes millions of mobile phones to over 70 markets worldwide.

Bullitt is the global licensee for Cat® (Caterpillar Inc.) and Motorola for mobile phones and related peripherals. Its portfolio is constantly learning and evolving through rugged consumer research and development, using its exceptional expertise at strengthening and toughening mobile technology for the demands of extreme working conditions and hard knocks of everyday life.

Bullitt Group’s Head Office is in Reading, England with additional office locations in the United States, Taiwan, China, South Africa, Germany and Australia.


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