The Team combines decades of experience in clean tech innovation and early stage investing.

We are passionate about decarbonisation and creating tomorrow’s climate tech leaders.

Clean Growth Fund

The fund encompasses a team with deep expertise in finding and investing in early stage technology companies. They recognise the opportunity in the green economy and understand how to identify and select promising and disruptive technologies with the potential for commercialisation.

Beverley Gower-Jones OBE, Managing Partner

Beverley Gower-Jones OBE

Managing Partner

Jonathan Tudor, Investment Partner

Jonathan Tudor

Investment Partner

Alasdair Greig, Investment Partner

Alasdair Greig

Investment Partner

Susannah McClintock, Investment Partner

Susannah McClintock

Investment Partner

Stephen Price

Stephen Price

Investment Director

Gemma Fong, Chief Financial Officer

Gemma Fong

Chief Financial Officer

Maria Khan, Head of Compliance, ESG & Ops

Maria Khan

Head of Compliance, ESG & Ops

Shashank Jasrapuria Clean Growth Fund

Shashank Jasrapuria

Investment Analyst

Lisa Thornley, Marketing Manager

Lisa Thornley

Marketing Manager

Carbon Limiting Technologies

Our sister-company, Carbon Limiting Technologies, works alongside our portfolio companies once investment has taken place. Using their vast experience of helping hundreds of cleantech entrepreneurs, they help our portfolio to grow and commercialise.

Christopher Tchen, Chair of the board

Christopher Tchen

Chair of the board

Tanja Groth,

Tanja Groth


Robert Olrog, Consultant

Robert Olrog


Jackson Kuzmik


Michael Cullinane


Melody Chiu


Natalie Fredericks, Programme Manager (Associate)

Natalie Fredericks

Programme Manager (Associate)

James Ruel, Programme Manager (Associate)

James Ruel

Programme Manager (Associate)

Advisory Board

Robert Bahns CGF Advisory Body Member

Robert Bahns

Advisory Body Member

Vicki Bakhshi Advisory Body Member

Vicki Bakhshi

Advisory Body Member

Portrait of Gershon Cohen

Gershon Cohen

Advisory Body Member

Portrait of Chris Rapley

Professor Chris Rapley

Advisory Body Member

George Whitehead

George Whitehead

Advisory Body Member