Holiferm open their first commercial biosurfactant plant

On Thursday 16th February 2023 Holiferm’s first commercial biosurfactant was opened by the Mayor of Wirral, Jeff Green. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of biosurfactant and biochemical companies from around the world.

Holiferm hosted an opening ceremony for its first commercial biosurfactant plant on the afternoon of 16th February. The ceremony was very well attended by representatives of the biosurfactant community around the world, including those from Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Germany, France, Belguim and Australia. There was a very positive atmosphere within the room and the tours of the plant were very well received. It is hoped that this event will spring board Holiferm to commercial success and help the biosurfactant community to work together towards a common goal to remove the need for petrochemical based production methods.

The plant at Wallasey is a first of its kind facility. It will initially be producing circa 1100 tonnes of our biosurfactant using our patented fermentation with integrated gravity separation technology. The initial process will produce a range of sophorolipids for use in many applications including cosmetics, home care, personal care and I&I. This is the first of many such processes Holiferm hopes to design, test, patent and roll out to meet our mission to facilitate the manufacture of holistically sustainable bioproducts at a value point at which they are affordable to everyone therefore eliminating the need for petrochemicals. Holiferm manufactures biosurfactants using a fermentation with integrated gravity separation technology. This method was designed and refined by our CEO Ben Dolman during his PhD studies at the University of Manchester. It underwent many design phases