CGF achieves certified B Corporation (B Corp) status

The fund’s B-Corp score of 133.8 significantly exceeds sector average.

Clean Growth Fund achieves certified B Corporation (B Corp) status

The B-Corp assessment measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact, considering factors such as impact on an organisation’s people, community and environment, and customers, as well as a company’s governance structure and accountability. The certification process is rigorous, with applicants required to provide evidence of responsible practices relating to energy supplies, waste and water use, worker compensation, diversity, corporate transparency, and more.

Through our work and our investments in the cleantech sector, we seek to foster sustainable, responsible and transparent practices We also provide essential ongoing business support to our investees via a close collaboration with our sister-company, Carbon Limiting Technologies, the long-established cleantech incubator. We believe that aligning to good ESG practices is essential to investing in and building strong, sustainable and prosperous businesses that have a positive impact on both people and the planet. CGF’s B Corp certification shows our commitment to greater accountability and transparency in the sector, and we have legally embedded our commitment in our company’s articles.

The certification process is rigorous the pass mark is 80 and we achieved a score of 133.8. There are only 11 other fund managers in the UK of similar employee size to CGF that are B Corp certified in Equity Investing. The average score for these companies is 100.

B Corp accreditation is a testament to the positive transformation that we are championing across the VC space and within cleantech, and emphasises our belief in providing long-term, critical business support to our portfolio companies.

Beverley Gower-Jones, Founder & Managing Partner, Clean Growth Fund said: “We believe that business can be both prosperous and impact-oriented at the same time. The founding mission of Clean Growth Fund is to deliver strong financial returns for our investors through growth of our portfolio companies, who are all developing cleantech, decarbonisation technologies and solutions for key industry sectors. We are delighted to be certified as a company that has met rigorous social and environmental standards, demonstrating our commitment to impact goals.

Maria Khan, Head of ESG & Compliance, Clean Growth Fund, said: “Achieving B Corp certification has been a major milestone for Clean Growth Fund, representing a key objective for our team. The journey offered us invaluable learning opportunities, and we are excited to continue upholding the high standards of this prestigious certification. We are excited to join the B-Corp movement.