Nuada Announces New Partnerships With Four Cement Companies

Nuada partners with Holcim, SCG, Cementos Argos and Cementos Molins to accelerate its efforts to decarbonise the cement industry.

Carbon capture is a critical technology to help the cement industry achieve net zero by reducing unavoidable emissions from the heating of limestone during cement manufacturing. While carbon capture is expected to account for more than a third of all the emission reductions needed, in line with the Global Cement and Concrete Association’s 2050 Net Zero Concrete Roadmap, the economics remain challenging due to the high capital cost of equipment and the energy intensity of available solutions.

“Carbon capture represents the largest cost element in the CCUS value chain. Innovation in carbon capture is vital to slashing the cost of capture, enabling the ramp-up of infrastructure and ultimately improving the economics of CCS projects. Nuada redefines carbon capture by deploying a solution that addresses the cost, energy, and integrational challenges for harder-to-abate sectors like cement” said Dr Jose Casaban, co-CEO of Nuada.

These industry leaders will collaborate with Nuada to evaluate its next-generation carbon capture technology as a solution to deliver low-carbon cement. The new partnerships were facilitated through the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA), complementing existing collaborations with Buzzi Unicem, Cementir Holding, and Heidelberg Materials, established through its Innovandi Open Challenge programme. This programme brings start-ups and leading cement companies together to work on net zero initiatives.

“The commitment of these major cement players to collaborate with Nuada, attests to the potential of our carbon capture innovation as a cornerstone solution for low-carbon cement, and we eagerly anticipate working together to accelerate its deployment“ said Dr Conor Hamill, co-CEO of Nuada.

Edelio Bermejo, Head of Global R&D at Holcim said: “We are very pleased to join the consortium through the Innovandi Open Challenge programme. Carbon Capture is a key lever to accelerate our decarbonization journey, and with CCUS projects around the world and a commitment to invest CHF 2 billion by 2030, we are leading our industry’s transition to a net-zero future. Partnering with Nuada will facilitate the testing and accelerate the deployment of their technology, ultimately supporting the scaling up of carbon capture efforts. We look forward to continued innovation and collaboration within the industry towards the goal of a net-zero future”.

“Collaborating with Nuada has been instrumental in our pursuit of innovative solutions. Their commitment to advancing technology aligns seamlessly with SCG’s vision for sustainable progress. Together, we aim to pioneer transformative initiatives that drive us closer to net zero emission”, said Surachai Vangrattanachai, CCU Director of SCG-CGS.

“GCCA Innovandi Open Challenge is a tremendous initiative where cement players collaborate with innovative companies that are developing the technologies and business models of a low CO2 construction industry. Nuada technology is a very interesting proposal with great potential” said Daniel Duque, Future Tech Leader of Cementos Argos.

Ignacio Machimbarrena, Chief Innovation Officer of Cementos Molins, stated: “At Cementos Molins, we strongly believe that tackling the global challenge of reducing carbon emissions requires a collective effort from society. Sustainability is central to our corporate strategy, and we are steadfast in our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Acknowledging the crucial role of carbon capture in this mission, we see Nuada’s innovative Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) technology as a promising solution. Cementos Molins is fully dedicated to supporting this pioneering technology and collaborating with industry partners to pave the way for a greener future. “

Claude Loréa, Cement, Innovation and ESG Director at the Global Cement and Concrete Association said: “This announcement is a testament to the success of the GCCA’s pioneering Innovandi Open Challenge Programme. It’s great to see Nuada – one of the first start-ups we worked with, when we launched the programme in 2021, going from strength to strength, and helping to develop the vital CCUS technology our industry needs to help us achieve net zero by 2050.”

About Nuada

Nuada is a pure-play carbon capture company poised to decarbonise heavy industries through its next-generation point-source capture technology. The company builds energy-efficient filtration machines that capture CO2 from industrial off-gases, empowering emitters in hard-to-abate sectors to reduce their carbon footprint with minimum impact on their bottom line.

About Holcim

Holcim is a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions. Driven by its purpose to build progress for people and the planet, its 60,000 employees are on a mission to decarbonize building, while improving living standards for all. The company empowers its customers across all regions to build better with less, with its broad range of low-carbon and circular solutions, from ECOPact to ECOPlanet. With its innovative systems, from Elevate’s roofing to PRB’s insulation, Holcim makes buildings more sustainable in use, driving energy efficiency and green retrofitting. With sustainability at the core of its strategy, Holcim is becoming a net-zero company with 1.5°C targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

About SCG

SCG, a leading business conglomerate in the ASEAN region, has committed to conducting business in line with good corporate governance and sustainable development principles throughout over 100 years. SCG has been relentless in organizational and employee development which helps drive innovation in products, services, processes, and business models to create higher value and address the needs of all parties concerned.

About Cementos Argos

Cementos Argos is a growing multinational company, producer, and marketer of cement, concrete, and aggregates. With nearly 90 years of history, it has a presence in sixteen countries and territories with both emerging and developed economies. Thanks to its installed capacity, value creation for its customers, constant innovation, and commitment to sustainability, Argos is a leader in Colombia and has become a significant player in the industry in the Americas. It has nearly 7,000 employees, 11 cement plants, 197 concrete plants, 7 aggregate plants, 9 clinker grinding mills, 29 ports and terminals, almost 1700 mixer trucks, over 1,500 train wagons, and 4 ships of its own. Its total installed capacity is 24 million tons of cement, and in 2022, it exported to 25 destinations. For more information, you can visit:

About Cementos Molins

With nearly one century of experience, we are a global leader in sustainable and innovative building solutions as well as carbon neutrality and circular economy promoters. Our clients value the quality of our products and building solutions, which are designed to shape a sustainable future. Sustainability is the hallmark of our integrated business model that includes aggregates, cement, ready-mix concrete, mortars, precast concrete, urban landscaping furniture, architectural façades, and waste management.  Cementos Molins employs over 6,200 professionals located in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, Tunisia, Bangladesh, and India.

About the GCCA

The GCCA and its members account for 80% of global cement production capacity outside of China, as well as a growing number of Chinese manufacturers. Member companies have committed to reducing and ultimately eliminating CO2 emissions in concrete, which currently account for around 7% globally, through implementation of the GCCA’s Concrete Future 2050 Net Zero Roadmap – the first heavy industry to set out such a detailed plan.