Head Office Malvern, Worcestershire

Chair John O’Donohue

CEO Adrian Moores

Founder & CTO Mike Schooling

CCO Leighton King

CGF Board Rep Jonathan Tudor

Indra has a vision to support global Net Zero ambitions through intelligent vehicle charging technology.

The company has developed the smartest EV charger available on the market, the Smart Pro, which automatically optimises for the cleanest, cheapest electricity. In addition, its bi-directional Vehicle-to-Grid charger enables power to be stored in vehicle batteries and discharged back to the grid when needed most.

News stories

Indra leads the charge for smart charging compliance ahead of new regulations

20th October 2022, Malvern UK Schedule 1, the second phase of the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 will come into effect on 30th December

Indra drives green agenda in first V2G technology trial with NHS Hospital Trust

25th October 2022, Malvern UK. Innovative British smart energy technology business, Indra, has announced the results from the first-ever NHS project to use pioneering Vehicle-to-Grid

Clean Growth Fund & Gulf Oil co-invest in Indra – UK’s leading smart charging technology company

Indra, the fast-growing electric vehicle and smart energy technology company developing innovative charging and energy storage solutions for home and commercial use, has secured a