Vector Photonics

Head Office Glasgow

CEO Neil Martin

CTO Dr Richard Taylor

Head of Technology Tom Hall

Sales & Marketing Director Euan Livingston

CGF Board Rep Susannah McClintock

Vector Photonics is a Glasgow-based laser developer commercialising PCSELs (Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers). This new class of laser offers high speed and power and can be manufactured at low cost. The world relies on lasers…datacentres use lasers to power their communications networks. Globally, these datacentres account for 2-3% of electricity usage and this demand is forecast to grow by up to 400% by 2030.

News stories

Vector Photonics is commercialising all-semiconductor, PCSELs using a prototype supply chain based entirely in Scotland’s world-leading, photonics cluster.

This capability is unique in the industry. Each step of the supply chain is provided by a Scottish company which is established, profitable, independent, world-class,


Clean Growth Fund has co-lead a £2.4m investment alongside Foresight WAE Technology (FWT) Funds into Vector Photonics, a Glasgow-based laser developer.

The funding round also included continued commitment from existing investors UKI2S and Equity Gap, and new investment from Scottish Enterprise. This is Clean Growth Fund’s