Carbon Re

Carbon Re is developing a leading edge artificial intelligence platform, Delta Zero, which uses deep reinforcement machine learning to address complex process optimisation challenges within the foundation industries. Delta Zero will enable process plants to radically reduce carbon emissions and operational costs.


Personal and homecare cleaning products such as detergents, shampoos and laundry powders are manufactured on an industrial scale and rely on vast quantities of petrochemical surfactants. Consumer conglomerates are demanding more environmentally friendly feedstocks and Holiferm is satisfying this with natural, low-cost biosurfactants produced by fermentation.

MOF Technologies

MOF Technologies is helping to decarbonise heavy industries through its next generation carbon capture system, Nuada. With over a decade of knowledge in designing, scaling, & applying metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), it has combined the unique properties of MOFs with mature vacuum swing technology to slash the energy penalty associated with CO2 capture by up to 80%.

Vector Photonics

Vector Photonics is a Glasgow-based laser developer commercialising PCSELs (Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers). This new class of laser offers high speed and power and can be manufactured at low cost. The world relies on lasers…datacentres use lasers to power their communications networks. Globally, these datacentres account for 2-3% of electricity usage and this demand is forecast to grow by up to 400% by 2030.